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First we have the Making Mina Series

Making Mina: The Best Revenge

In this first story, sex with a handsome stranger seems like the perfect revenge after Mina Hemingway walks in on her fiancé redefining the term "personal assistant." Marco Genovese has come to Miami from Italy to expand his resort empire. What happens when Mina decides the handsome billionaire is exactly what she needs to get back at her ex? Marco will have to decide either to play by her rules, or turn the tables and teach her that the best revenge is more than a one-night stand!

And now their story is continued in...

Making Mina: Strings Attached

(also available at Barnes and Noble, and currently publishing at Kobo)

Mina Hemingway got her revenge and it was even sweeter than she’d dreamed. Marco Genovese was rich, ruthless, and his Italian good looks made him the perfect weapon to strike back at her philandering ex-fiance. Even more important was the fact that he actually seemed to want her! She knew that a night with him was probably playing with fire, but Mina figured… how much damage could a one night stand do?
What looked like the perfect revenge in the heat of the night, though, looked absolutely insane in the harsh light of day. Marco Genovese was way too much man for her to handle, and staying around would only be asking for more heartache, so… Mina ran, leaving only a broken promise and an empty bed behind her.

Marco Genovese never expected to be used and tossed aside. Now he’s plotting his own revenge, determined to make Mina sorry for running out on him. He intends to use every tool at his disposal to get Mina exactly where he wants her—back in his bed—even if he has to blackmail her to do it.

Follow Mina and Marco through the erotic tale of their deepening romance--this 20K word novella is recommended for mature audiences only.

And the tale is completed in...

 Making Mina: Compromising Positions

Mina Hemingway should feel like Cinderella. She's been given a dream job, flown to Italy, and swept off her feet by a modern Prince Charming, but things aren't always what they seem. The reality of it is that the Genovese matriarch hates her, no one believes she can do the job she's been hired to do, and her ego is in tatters.  The only thing giving her confidence is Marco Genovese's faith in her.

His promises are seductive, and the sexual attraction between them explosive, but when Mina finds Marco in the arms of another woman she has to choose: believe what he says, or what she saw with her own eyes, and the battle between heart and mind leaves both of them in danger of losing the most important thing in their lives.

Now Mina is a traditional erotic romance, but if you like something a little hotter...

Screw Single

Darcy McDonald dealt with deadbeats and druglords, a family of cops, and a cheating ex-husband without a problem. Why is it that two sexy men can drive her so crazy?

Jack Diaz and Donovan Collins have been through wars that wreaked less havoc than Darcy McDonald. They admit it though; they both want the sexy little PI. How can they convince her to give in to her own desires and say Screw Single?

 This is an erotic menage with two very alpha males and a woman who gives as good as she gets. This title is included in the short story collection, Danger of Desire.

And finally, the collection of short stories that tells more of Darcy McDonald's story, with lots of sex, romance, and more than a little angst:

Danger of Desire: The Darcy Files

Darcy McDonald is a lover and a fighter. At 5'1", she's a pocket full of dynamite--a private investigator and security consultant in a world dominated by men, she never backs down from a challenge, and never turns away from what she wants. These stories show some of the private side of her life: the men she chooses to share herself with, and the exciting things that happen when Alpha Male meets Irish Female.
  • Screw Single:  What's a girl to do?  Two sexy men have pushed all her buttons and Darcy is in a state.  It's easy to admit that she wants them, but harder to accept that she might be able to have her cake and eat it too.  Hot MMF action with graphic language--not for the faint of heart, but definitely for any mature reader who loves it when a woman gets what she wants.
  • Dirty Little Secrets:  After a whirlwind, three-way romance no one should be surprised that Darcy McDonald and Donovan Collins have some serious chemistry.  The problem is... Darcy has a secret.  Whatever is between them is more than physical, at least for her.  What happens when she throws caution to the wind?  Will she let her secrets become known? MF with graphic language and full blown seduction. Erotic romance all the way.
  • The Truth Hurts:  Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes love doesn't conquer all.  In this short Darcy has to accept the truth of her relationship with Donovan, and sometimes The Truth Hurts. UST and lots of emotion.  
  • Promises to Keep:  Donovan Collins doesn't do vulnerable, and Darcy has put him in a terrible position.  Breaking promises isn't acceptable, and she's going to learn that lesson--the hard way. Dominant Alpha Male, graphic sex and language.  Hot!
This collection  is just under 20K words long--4 stories that provide erotic romance at its finest.  For mature audiences only!

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